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Bull Baba is a blog website that has contents written in finance domain. This covers various categories of finances for a reader mainly articles on personal finance and every aspect of personal finance like debt management, loan calculations, personal loans awareness, budgeting, expense management, helping in taking financial decisions for purchasing a car or any personal vehicle etc.

We also cover share market related blogs that cover various market related knowledge on equity segment investing, like knowledge on large cap, mid cap and small cap companies, how to read a company quarterly performance, equity related terms like EPS, PE ratio, market size etc. All these helps our readers to dive deep in the stock market with correct information.

We also provide mutual funds related information, covering all categories of mutual funds like ELSS, advantage funds, Nav value, expense ratio, exit load etc. We cover all broader areas of mutual fund investing to aware and inform our readers. We also cover stock/Mutual funds market news on ups and downs of stock market, global bull or bear run, recession chances, historical data discussions, tracking market trends in various countries of world like USA, Japan, Russia , China and UK. We provide deeper understandings of commodities investing like oil and gas, food grains, gold and other commodity instruments related tips and tricks.

We also cover tax related articles for helping readers develop a good understanding of taxation process to help them in their personal finances like filing income tax returns or GST related information for small business, calculating taxes, government provided tax savings schemes, saving in PPF or national pension scheme, registering a new company name, regulatory compliances related to companies, saving for kids education and marriages, home or land purchase taxation and other various tax instruments for saving taxes and increasing the personal wealth of users. We emphasize specially on compounding of wealth for a long term horizon to make money and we provide all health, term and other insurance related details and comparisons to our users.

Our aim is to educate our viewers about every aspect of finance and investing in easy to understand language through our blog articles, so that they can take informed decision to protect their hard earned money or creating other income streams for them for growing their wealth through compounding. We do not provide stock tips or any financial advice , nor we sell any financial products on our website and caution our user to talk to a financial advisor before taking any financial decisions.